African American Ministry assist team initiative

aamat purpose

The African American Ministry Assist Team (AAMAT) Initiative is a special project launched by the National African American Fellowship (NAAF) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The purpose of this initiative is to assist partnering churches of our African American (AA) State Fellowships by developing indigenous teams of volunteer ministry specialists to come alongside them in an attempt to address the ever-growing ministry resource gap that exists within our constituency.


1) To continually identify African-American (AA) volunteer ministry specialists who are equipped and experienced in primary areas of church development

2) To provide regular training for qualified AA volunteer ministry specialists in the areas of (1) Church & Community Ministries, (2) Evangelism, (3) Discipleship Training (Sunday School), and (4) Missions.

3) To deploy at least one (1) AA Ministry Assist Team in each state of the nation that has a functioning African American Fellowship.

4) To foster and enhance value-added partnerships between the churches of the National African American Fellowship (NAAF) and state and associational affiliates.

For more information email us at info@naaftogether.org.