connecting ministry partners and resources for kingdom growth

The NAAF, SBC facilitates partnerships and mobilizes resources to assist pastors, churches and our SBC partners in carrying out the ministry assignments. We accomplish this by:

connecting partners and resources

NAAF serves as a resource to African American pastors, planters and churches by facilitating ministry partnerships; identifying and connecting ministry resources and mission opportunities to member churches and working with local, regional, and national entities to engage African American churches for greater Kingdom Impact.

equipping, supporting & consulting

NAAF supports its partners in Kingdom building through its equipping conferences; ministry assessment and strategy development consultations; conducting reconciliation and orientation experiences to promote greater awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity within the SBC body.

responding to resource gaps

In response to the growing need for ministry and mission resources among African American churches, NAAF’s priority emphasis is utilizing its national network of relationships to assist its partners in accessing ministry and mission resources and opportunities - both within and outside the SBC.