The NAAF Global Mission Connection is a practical mission mobilization resource designed to:

1. Expand the number of NAAF churches engaged in global missions by providing pastors and mission leaders not currently involved in global missions, a tool for identifying and connecting with NAAF pastors, churches and partners who are engaged in global mission partnerships or projects.
2. Enhance collaboration among NAAF churches currently engaged in global missions - who may be working in the same countries, communities and or among the same people groups. Need: the absence of a centralized database to track the engagement of NAAF churches in global missions, has lead some to assume that African American pastors are not committed to fulfilling the Great Commission beyond their Jerusalem.


• A number of African American SBC pastors are and have been involved in global mission projects/partnerships for many years. • Global mission projects supported by NAAF pastors are often unrelated to the work of the SBC and therefore may not be reported or recognized.
• NAAF churches engaged in global missions are often working (unbeknownst to one another) in the same country, region or people group and potentially missing opportunities for leveraging resources for a greater impact.
• A number of NAAF pastors may be open to partnering with a NAAF pastor engaged in a global mission project - if a process for connecting pastors existed.

The NAAF Global Mission Connection - Initiative

What: A cloud-based; user-friendly; password protected database of churches that will enable authorized users to access contact information on NAAF churches currently engaged in global missions. Database users will be able to access information by: church or pastor name; location (country) of the mission activity; type of project or partnership and mission trip dates.

Populating the database: If your church is currently engaged in a mission project or partnership anywhere outside North American, we ask you to help us populate the NAAF Global Mission Connect database by completing information on the link below:

Database Activation: Notification will be sent out to NAAF partners when the Global Mission Connection database is active (October 2019 is our activation target date)

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